A 4-day week, without loss of pay, is that possible? Boss opinion at Big Liege Group John Cocker

François Michel, Director General at John Cocker, was the guest of Bell RTL Matt. Martin Buxantin, President of the International Engineering and Maintenance Group Active in Energy, expressed his opinion on the four-day work week at the microphone.

A four-day work week or working less for the same salary is a scheme under investigation by the government. A pilot test should also be carried out. It is the will of the left after all. Question: Is it feasible and desirable?

“I'll answer that in two ways. First, the competitiveness of a company is many, many factors. So, it's not just labor cost. Labor cost is also important. When we had automatic salary indexes, with Covid, with very high inflation in recent years, we were in trouble because our competitors, global companies, When we didn't do that we had to automatically tabulate our salaries. So, labor cost is a very important subject for companies. , can sell, not only make a lot, a lot of money, but also sell. I mean if I change based on labor cost, I don't know how to do that. . It's a . Point. The second point: Let's look at the world we're in today. We, especially Europeans, have the biggest challenges since World War II. War is at our doorstep. We have a huge infrastructure to rebuild. We need to invest a lot in energy transition. So we don't solve this by working less. Everyone at work is needed. We need a society, societies where everyone can work, everyone who works.”John rates the boss at Cocker.

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