6 Hamas hostages – from elderly grandfather to kindergarten teacher – die in captivity: Israel


Israel war 2023

Israel said on Friday that six Hamas hostages – including an elderly grandfather and a kindergarten teacher – had died in captivity.

Kibbutz Nir Oz He wrote on his Facebook page Among the deceased, who all lived in her community: grandfather Aryeh Zelmanovich, 85; Kindergarten teacher and mother of four Maya Goren, 56, and photographer Ronen Engel, 54.

The Israeli army confirmed the killing of Eliyahu Margalit, whose daughter was just released from Hamas prisons on Thursday. According to The Times of Israel.

Among the hostages who did not survive their time in the clutches of Hamas is Ofra Kedar, 70, who is taking care of her disabled adult daughter. The kibbutz announced that she was kidnapped from Kibbutz Be’eri on October 7 during an early morning march.

In a Facebook post on Friday, Moore Metro-West High School in Raanana announced that one of its graduates, Guy Illouz, 26, was kidnapped during the Supernova music festival near Re’im where more than 360 revelers were killed by terrorism. group, and he lost his life.

Israel did not say how and when the six died, but said they died while detained in Gaza.

This comes after a team of Ministry of Health experts [Abu Kabir Forensic Institute]Israeli army spokesman Admiral Daniel Hagari Hagari said that the Chief Rabbi and the Ministry of Religious Affairs announced their deaths based on the results collected and intelligence.

Zalmanovich was the founder of the kibbutz and a father of two children, according to a tribute leaflet.

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“Aryeh has been a land man all his life, working with agriculture and field crops. A man of books who has a vast knowledge of history and knowledge of the country.

Grandfather Aryeh Zalmanovich, 85, was a father of two and a lover of books. Via Reuters
Kindergarten teacher Maya Goren, 56, was a mother of four and a “dedicated” teacher.
Ronen Engel, 54, was a photographer, Magen David Adom volunteer and motorcycle enthusiast. Via Reuters
The IDF also confirmed the death of Eliyahu Margalit, who was captured while tending to his horses. Family photo

Goren was a “hardworking and dedicated kindergarten teacher and educator” who “lovingly cared for the kibbutz children for many years,” another post about the mother of four said.

Her husband, Avner Goren, was killed on October 7, the day the war began, according to Kibbutz Nir Oz. During the Palestinian movement’s surprise attack on Israel, kibbutzim such as Nir Oz were raided and many of their residents were killed or taken hostage.

Engel was a photographer, MDA volunteer, and motorcycle enthusiast.

The kibbutz said his wife and two daughters were released from captivity earlier this week.

Hamas released more than 100 hostages during the seven-day ceasefire in exchange for the release of prisoners held in Israeli facilities. AFP via Getty Images

Margalit was taken on October 7 when he went to feed his horses in Ner Oz.

His daughter, Nili Margalit, 41, was released from captivity on Thursday, according to The Times of Israel.

Hamas released more than 100 hostages during the seven-day ceasefire in exchange for the release of prisoners from Israeli facilities.

The ceasefire ended on Friday morning, and fighting began again almost immediately.

Additional reporting by Chris Niese

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