554 investigative reports on Russian meddling written by State Security since 2014

The note consulted by “Le Soir” mentions China and two countries widely cited in the European Parliament corruption scandal uncovered by “Le Soir” and “Knack”: Morocco and Qatar.

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LDid Russia interfere in Belgian political life? As indicated by a note, the Belgian intelligence services are in any case concerned with this matter the evening Caught this Friday. From 2014 to date, 554 investigative reports on Russian interference have been written by State Security.

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In the wake of a US intelligence memo (partially made public in early September) about suspicions of Russian interference in more than 24 countries, the chamber’s president, Eliane Tillieux, set up a standing committee to examine the state of the threat. In their report, while U.S. intelligence did not name the countries involved, we learned there that Russia spent approximately $500,000 to support the candidate of the Democratic Party of Albania and to fund parties or candidates in Montenegro. , Bosnia or Madagascar. According to the report, the Kremlin will use Brussels as a hub from which many foundations and structures support far-right candidates. The aim of the maneuver: to weaken democracy and give a serious boost to “friendly” political movements or parties, perceived as favorable to Russian interests, often located on the right of the political spectrum.

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What, exactly, does the note from the committee responsible for the control of Belgian intelligence say? The issue of Russian meddling pointed out in the US report is not new. It has been of interest for many years for services especially focused during election periods. Undeniably, political life in Belgium (and, in a broader sense, in Europe, because of instincts on its soil) is subject to attempts at Russian intervention. It is within this framework that, from 2014 to date, 554 investigative reports on the threat of Russian intervention have been drawn up by State Security.

Furthermore, if State Security considers that it has “solid” information about Russian interference, no concrete evidence at the disposal of investigators would prove that Belgian political parties today are structurally financed by foreign powers. Because Russia is not the only country monitored by the intelligence in Belgium: other foreign powers carry out this kind of activity – which is considered a threat. China and the two countries widely cited in the European Parliament corruption scandal were consulted, according to the note. the evening And tap
: Morocco and Qatar.

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