$30 Diablo 4 Portal Recolor Criticized by Players: 'It's Insulting'

Ethan Dean

Microtransactions in Diablo 4 have been a hot-button issue for players since launch. The newest addition to the store may be the last straw for some players.

Diablo 4 is in the middle of its third season and the Lunar Awakening limited-time event is on top of that. Unfortunately for Blizzard, the new event has stirred up some old controversy.

Players weren't impressed with some misunderstandings from the developer about the Lunar Awakening cosmetics being paid for in Diablo 4. The recent drama caused players to take a closer look at the in-game store and they weren't happy with what they saw.

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Reddit user Sh/Mawatki20 A pack of reskins for Diablo 4's travel portals was called out in a post to the game's community. They initially caused a stir when they were announced, but players can't believe the cost.

Although u/Mwatki20 rated the Portal pack as a $20 microtransaction, many players were quick to point out that it's worse than that. “It's not $20, it's $29.99,” one user explained. “Just because they give you 1,000 of their magic coins, doesn't mean you swiped $30.”

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One player went so far as to call the price point “insulting” while another pointed out that you could buy one of the most popular games of all time for the same amount. “You can get Palworld for that price…just saying…”

It's not just the price that has Diablo 4 players worried. The portal skins themselves are restricted to certain classes. Class-specific cosmetics in the game recently prompted players to participate in the Lunar Awakening event.

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“I would actually buy these if they weren't locked in the classroom so I could switch between them from time to time. But like this? Nah,” one user wrote. “I agree. “I would totally buy it if it wasn't locked in class,” another answered.

Blizzard Entertainment

Before this, portal recoloring was limited to Battle Passes in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4's in-game store was a major concern for players prior to the game's release with concerns that it might affect the game's health.

Blizzard has kept its promise to not implement any “pay-to-win” elements but Diablo 4 fans still have their share of issues with the content.

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