27-year-old dies after completing live challenge

This case reminds you of what we told you at the end of May: 34-year-old Chinese influencer Brother Three Thousand died after consuming nearly 7 liters of alcohol during a live challenge on a Chinese social network. .


Twelve hours after his “achievement” was broadcast live on Douyin, a TikTok equivalent, Brother Three Thousand’s body was found by his relatives in his apartment.

The 34-year-old man has consumed nearly 7 bottles of alcohol in his lifetime.

This time, another, young man attempted the fatal experiment: 27-year-old Zhong Yuan Huang Ge, who lost his life in the same condition. Zhong Yuan Huang Ge filmed himself and broadcast a live video of himself drinking bottles of baijiu, a colorless Chinese liquor. He was found dead the next day.

His wife confirmed his death to Chinese media outlet Jimu News, and the Mirror reported that Zhang, also known as Brother Huang, was trying to earn money to pay off his debts.

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