27 Political Agreement to Prevent Transactions of the Russian Central Bank

European foreign ministers agreed on Sunday that the agreement with the G7 powers would prevent Russian central bank transactions from being announced by EU diplomat Joseph Borel.

More than half of the central bank’s reserves are held by companies in the G7 countries, so they will be frozen.Joseph Borel clarified that the opening of the markets on Monday had paved the way for the ministerial political agreement to be formally adopted and acted upon.

450 million euros

The European diplomat has announced that EU member states have released 450 million euros to buy weapons and supply them to the Ukrainian armed forces to counter Russian aggression.

An agreement was reached to supply the Ukrainian army with 450 million worth of weapons and 50 million worth of defense equipment and fuel. All of this will be covered by our peace facility and our intergovernmental fund. This is the first time in history that we have done thisJoseph Borel said at the end of a video conference of EU foreign ministers.

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