2023 NCAA Wrestling Championship Team Results; Team racing breakdown

Check out the article below for current team results and a breakdown of the team’s race at the 2023 NCAA Wrestling Championships.

March 16-18 · Yesterday resumed at 4:00 PM UTC

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Top 10 after session 3

place a team points
1 Penn State, Pennsylvania 78
2 Iowa, Iowa 48
3 Cornell, New York 45.5
4 Nebraska, Nebraska 44
5 Michigan, Michigan 39
6 Missouri, Missouri 34
7 Ohio State, Ohio 31
8 North Carolina State, North Carolina 29
9 Iowa State, IA 28
10 Arizona State, Arizona 27

Penn State puts 7 in the semi-finals!

Penn State had a historic quarterfinal run on Friday morning, as all seven of the quarterfinalists advanced to the semifinals. Roman Bravo Young, Bo Bartlett, Shane Van Ness, Levi Haines, Carter Starucci, Aaron Brooks, and Greg Kirkfleet were the seven Nittany Lyon wrestlers who made it to the semi-finals. Not only does being born in the semi-finals guarantee them a top 6, but every semi-finalist also gets 7 points for Team Penn State. At the top of the semi-finalists, Max Dean is still alive for the All-American honors and will wrestle Jaxon Smith in Round 12 on Friday night.

The battle for the team cup is tight!

Iowa State may be in second place but there are still 7-8 other teams that have a realistic shot to get into the top four and take home the team trophy. There are important points available in the next round with 7 points on the winning streak in the semi-finals and 3.5 points for victories with a victory in the round of 12. With many teams continuing their search for the trophy, on Friday. The night round is crucial for each team in the top ten.

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Check out the chart below for each team’s potential point breakdown on Friday night:

a team semi final Round of 12
Pennsylvania state 7 1
yeah 3 4
Cornell 3 3
Nebraska 4 1
Michigan 2 3
Missouri 2 4
Ohio State 1 6
North Carolina State 1 3
Iowa 1 4
Arizona 2 2

* We’ll update this article at the end of each session, so check back Friday night for the latest update.

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Check out the Senior Team’s race updates below

Top 10 after session 2

place a team points
1 Pennsylvania state 26
2 yeah 21.5
3 Missouri 17.5
T4 Minnesota 16.5
T4 North Carolina State 16.5
T6 Cornell 15.5
T6 Nebraska 15.5
T8 Michigan 14.5
T8 Ohio State 14.5
T10 Arizona 13
T10 Virginia Tech 13
T10 Wisconsin 13

Penn State with 7 in quarters – Iowa Trails with 5

Penn State has placed 7 out of 9 wrestlers in the quarterfinals and has a 4.5-point lead over Iowa which has only 4 wrestlers in the quarterfinals. Even though Alex Facundo went 0-2 and Max Dean lost to Silas Allred, the Nittany Lions built their lead with 11 more points from the winning Gladiators. Bonus points alone will be enough to match the current 15th placed team.

Of the teams after Penn State in the top 10, Missouri has the most quarterfinals with 6 wrestlers competing Friday morning for a spot in the semifinals. Next, the Tigers have 3 wrestlers still alive in the condolence bracket. Next, Nebraska and Virginia each have 5 Gladiators in the quarters. Nebraska has only 2 alive in the consolation bracket while Virginia Tech has 3 backside wrestlers still alive for All-American honors.

Iowa head coach Tom Brands sums up the Hawkeyes’ first day:

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Top 10 after session 1

place a team points
1 Pennsylvania state 16
2 North Carolina State 12.5
3 yeah 12
4 Northern Iowa 10
4 Ohio State 10
T6 Minnesota 9
T6 Missouri 9
T6 Wisconsin 9
9 Nebraska 8.5
T10 Cornell 8
T10 Illinois 8
T10 Iowa 8
T10 Michigan 8

Team bonus points for Penn State in Session 1

8 of the 9 wrestlers in Penn State won their matches in the first round on Thursday. NC State, Iowa and Missouri also won with 8 wrestlers, but Penn State took the lead by securing extra points from 5 wrestlers with pins in 3 weights. Each win in the tournament rounds is worth 1 point with a major decision earning an extra point, a technical fall earning 1.5, and a pin earned. If teams trailing the Nittany Lions hope to catch up, they will have to advance to even produce their own bonus points.

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