15 days later, the Russian military commander opened fire after the ‘Kharkiv fiasco’.

This Monday, the South’s military spokeswoman Natalia Goumeniouk announced that the Ukrainian army had recaptured “about 500 km2” of land occupied by the Russians. Ukraine announced that it had retaken a total of about 3,000 km2 from the Russians, mainly in the northeast of Kharkiv during a lightning counter-offensive that forced Moscow’s troops to withdraw.

News that did not please the Kremlin. And especially for Vladimir Putin. Even the English media The Independent believes that the Russian president has taken strong decisions. In fact, he would have decided to replace Roman Bertnikov, who was a lieutenant general. The decision was made after 16 days to put the soldier in charge of the area’s forces. Previously, he was commander of Russian forces in Syria before moving to Ukraine to lead troops in the Donbass People’s Republic.

Russia has not yet confirmed this information. Ukraine for its part ensures that the person will be replaced by Lieutenant General Oleksandr Lapin. After the Ukrainian counterattack, the Russian defense minister promised that the withdrawal of troops near Kharkov was due to a strategic “realignment”. Version denied by Ukraine.

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