Zelda’s Adventure, the horrible CD-i game, is getting a Game Boy remake from fans

In the early 1990s, through a licensing anomaly, Dutch electronics company Philips ended up with the rights to make three games based on Nintendo. The Legend of Zelda Series for the CD-i interactive compact disc format. The CD-i wasn’t really a game machine, and Philips wasn’t really a game developer. The results were, predictably, horrendous — one of several cautionary tales in Nintendo history that the company fiercely protected its IP address.

Now the third of those games, 1994 Zelda adventure – Generally believed to be the worst of the game – Remastered by indie developer John Lay for the Game Boy, in its contemporary, vastly superior style Awakening Link. You can play the Lay version In the browser on itch-ioor download ROMs to run in emulators or on original Game Boy hardware.

If nothing else, it’s a little easier on the eye than the famously ugly original, which looked cobbled together from smudged clip art and Unintentionally hilarious full-motion video footage. The first two CD-i Zelda games were side-scrolling platformers in the style of Zelda 2: The Adventure of Linkfeatured animation and animated video clips, however Zelda adventure – the second CD-i game to feature Princess Zelda herself as a playable heroine – blended the series’ traditional top-down presentation with her ultra-terrifying aesthetic makeover.

The game sticks to aesthetics Awakening Linkbut it also includes some features from Oracle of Ages And Oracle Classes,” Lay writes in describing the port, noting that he developed it at GB Studio game creator.

Put Kotaku said That Game Boy Zelda adventure It took about 14 months to develop. Zelda adventure It’s nothing more than a curious footnote to Zelda’s history – but if you’re looking for a playable princess fix from before… Kingdom Tears Either go wild or make your dreams come true, this is the perfect place to start.

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