Zakia Gaddafi says the Egyptian presidential plan is unacceptable

proposal Tabled by the Egyptian Presidency of COP27 there is “Unacceptable“and”Going beyond European red lines“, Union Climate Minister Zakia Khattabhi responded on Saturday.

The last Belgian minister in Sharm el-Sheikh, “mitigation“Negotiations, Ms. Gaddafi, Mentions”The mitigation element provided on this night pales considerably in comparison to Glasgow’s achievements.

At last year’s COP26 in Scotland, the international community “keep alive“One of the main objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement: to ensure that the rise in global mercury is limited to +1.5 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial times, based on the reports of the IPCC, each additional area emphasizes the harmful effects of global warming by one degree.

It is not a question here of re-opening the debate on our ambition, but of agreeing to an ambitious action towards the Paris Agreement and the Glasgow Climate Agreement (Glasgow Climate Agreement, concluded at the end of 2021, editor’s note). We are not there yet and we will not leave our efforts until the last moment, but there is no question of compromising the fundamentals of international climate policy.“, warns the Belgian minister further.

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