Zack Bryan calls on Hawk Toah to sing “Revival” at his Nashville concert


Zack Bryan

Hawk Toah sings “Revival” at Nashville concert!!!

Zack Bryan Join in on the Hawk Tuah frenzy as the 23-year-old brings the popular act on stage Saturday night during his concert.

Zach Bryan brought his “Hook Twah” girl to the stage last night 🇺🇸

— The Patriot Oasis™ (@ThePatriotOasis) June 30, 2024

Zac, who is on his “The Quittin Time” tour, was performing at Nissan Stadium in Nashville when Hailey Welch – also known as “Hock Tuah” – appeared on stage and the crowd went crazy!

Together they performed his song “Revival” and she introduced “Hawk Tuah” to the audience.

Hailey was wearing white cowboy boots, cut-off jeans, and the obligatory cowboy hat. She was also holding a drink.

Hawk Tuah Girl jumps on stage with Zach Bryan in Nashville @StoolBackstage

— Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) June 30, 2024

Hailey had a few hiccups, and sometimes got lost with the lyrics, but the audience didn’t care.

She joins the list of stars who have appeared on stage with Zach singing “Revival,” including John Mayer And Bruce Springsteen.

She’s now selling merchandise and is clearly having a great moment.

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