YouTuber Norman Tawat in police custody for raping and corrupting minors

The police are in custody within the framework of a preliminary investigation handed over to the Brigade for the Protection of Minors.

The YouTuber, which has 12 million subscribers, is currently under investigation for corruption of minors and sexual assault involving several young women. The facts on Norman Tawat are different.

The Juvenile Protection Squad of the Paris Police Headquarters has been working on various testimonies for months.

Presumed innocent, Norman Thavaud was already mentioned in the #BalanceTonYouteur wave in August 2018. The movement was started by a tweet from Lucas Houchard, the number 1 French YouTuber (17.6 million subscribers) “Squeezy”. He condemned the inappropriate behavior of some colleagues who “take advantage of the psychological vulnerability of young subscribers to get sex”.

Quebec fan Maggie Desmarais, who was 16 at the time of the incident, had already accused him on Instagram on July 8, 2020. Screenshots of the messages in support explained that she was manipulated by the star who wanted to get sexual photos and videos on Snapchat. She alleges that 2018 had a psychological grip on her. Norman Thawad was 31 years old at that time.

At least six potential victims

Complaint filed in 2020. Then Magee testified openly. In one video, she explains, “An unhealthy little emotional attachment game. I was young, I admired him and fell into the trap easily.”

About thirty young women have contacted Maggie and explained that they had a similar experience with this YouTuber. The release notes that only five potential victims have been investigated by the courts so far. All but Maggie Desmarais were probably raped. There were two children then.

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A call-up between Maggie Desmarais and Norman Tawat, who have been called up to France this Tuesday, is to take place.

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