With Destiny 2’s first chapter ending abruptly, the episodes feel worse than the seasons

Destiny 2 players logged in for a new story mission in yesterday’s episode “Echoes” and were immediately informed that…The first law has ended. This was a surprise to many (myself included) who had not known before that the canon would be finished after only three weeks of story development, before taking a three-week break, and then three weeks in a row until we finished the whole thing. .

Yes, this is a change from the seasonal model but it looks like it could be…worse. Getting only three weeks of story before taking a three-week break reminds me of how Netflix splits its new seasons of big shows in half or thirds with a month-long break in between, which really breaks up the flow of things.

Then, if that were the timeline, that could mean 9 weeks of story content, which would be more than the 7-8 weeks a season usually is, but again, these episodes are much longer than seasons, as Chapter 3 doesn’t that. Begins Until August 27. The second semester will continue on July 16.

But it’s not just about the story stopping and starting, it’s also about what the game has never been like before. Specifically, the game will introduce new weapons to join the existing seasonal selection with these next two chapters, with there being little reason for players to currently play the seasonal content, even if they wanted to, with those rewards being postponed. We haven’t seen timed weapons like this…ever, and it’s really not a good idea that this is the plan for the episodic model, even if it’s actually more comprehensive than usual.

The second major issue is the Battle Pass, which is now also time-limited. You can reach level 100 now, which is the level you’re at as of this week, but after that, it now takes significantly more experience to level up, and even if you do, you can’t claim any rewards until Chapter 2 starts. To unlock an additional 50 levels, and then another 50 in Chapter 3. This means there are no points to claim for challenges or completing rewards until Chapter 2 launches, lest experience is only a fraction of what it’s supposed to be.

I know Why Bungie does this, as if having everything upfront would result in a longer dead time at the end of the episode than would have been the case with seasons, given their length, but that doesn’t look good either, and feels worse than seasonal mode. The promise was that the episodes would be larger than the seasons, and while that’s probably true, since there are fewer, I’d be surprised if the total content was greater than the total of the four seasons. To me, this seems like a way to cut back on content delivery somewhat, and the extra timing is the main thing that makes the whole thing worse.

There may be big surprises in Chapter 2 and 3, and perhaps more content than we envision, but so far, this change does not look good and the “shuffling” of the format of the seasons seems very similar to as before, but with more time limitation, which is one of the The main things people have come to hate about classes in the first place.

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