Who is the kid who boycotted The Game Awards 2022?

as we are I mentioned that nightThe Game Awards 2022 ended with a kid taking the microphone right after Hidetaka Miyazaki’s Elden ring Game of the Year speech in order to give a shout out to the “Orthodox Reform Rabbi, Bill Clinton.” Jeff Kelly claimed that the person was arrested next. However, it turned out that the initial accounting was incorrect. For both of them Jason Schreyer And the ribbedThe kid boycotting The Game Awards 2022 was 15-year-old Matan Even, a “Jewish prankster” who had no agenda in mind other than to do something stupid for the cameras. And although he was escorted off the stage by security, Evin apparently was Not arrested at any time.

The kid who boycotted the 2022 Endgame Awards is just a Goofball

For the most part, these are actually positive developments to a strange story. At first, there were concerns that associating Bill Clinton with Judaism was a (strange) dog whistle for anti-Semitism, but Matan Even is Jewish and (per Schairer) seems to know Hebrew. He also condemned Kanye West’s anti-Semitic views as “not good” for Polygon. He even told Polygon repeatedly, in character (using the same tone of fact when he interrupted the Game Awards), that he only wanted to glorify the greatness of Bill Clinton. He added that Clinton is the only politician he wants to vote for in the future.

Given that Bill Clinton stopped being president before Evin was even born, it makes sense that he was just talking complete nonsense that might sound funny to him as a typical 15-year-old but look sad to everyone else. Polygon even rates it as “just another sloppy guy,” which seems about right. However, his attention-seeking efforts have been somewhat successful so far. Whether out of genuine concern or just another cry for attention, she even gained notoriety in 2019 for joining pro-Hong Kong demonstrations in Blizzcon And in the NBA game, which Somehow led to an appearance on InfoWars. But then again, none of this seems to be pursuing any agenda other than being “disingenuous” and/or “dirty.”

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Now we know who the kid interrupted the end of The Game Awards 2022: It’s Matan Even, just another 15-year-old footballer who managed to snatch his 15 seconds of fame in the least imaginative way possible.

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