What’s wrong with Ryan Murphy and Netflix

she did Netflix Key Facts About The Notorious Jeffrey Dahmer Murders Butcher?

Milwaukee, WI, the crime reporter who broke the news of the infamous serial killer – from He brutally tortured and killed 17 boys and men During the late ’70s and early ’90s – he says so.

Journalist and writer Anne E. Schwartz criticized New series starring Evan PetersDahmer: The Beast – Jeffrey Dahmer storySaying that creator Ryan Murphy and his team got so much ‘art license’ that the show ‘doesn’t bear much resemblance to the facts of the case’.

“When people watch the Ryan Murphy series on Netflix and say, ‘Oh my God, that’s horrible,’ I want to tell them it wasn’t necessarily done that way,” Schwartz said. who wrote “The Beast: The True Story of Jeffrey Dahmer’s Crimes”, Tell independent.

First, I objected to the portrayal of Milwaukee policemen as homophobic racists as I have known members of the force for years.

The real reporter who broke the story about the Jeffrey Dahmer murders, Anne E. Schwartz, described the inaccuracy in the new Netflix series about the killer.

“I’ve been spending a lot of time with them, interviewing people who were at the scene. Again, this is dramatic, but at a time when it’s not entirely easy for law enforcement to gain trust and engagement from the community, that representation isn’t very helpful.”

Schwartz also said that despite the topic Being an international sensationWisconsin, “I’m totally done hearing the case.”

“People in Milwaukee think this is a terrible flaw in the city. They don’t want people to think about it.”

Dahmer also incorrectly identifies the role played by a psychopathic neighbor, Glenda Cleveland (portrayed by Niecy Nash), who tries to warn the cops of his nefarious ways, according to Schwartz. Cleveland was portrayed as living in a nearby apartment, when, in fact, she lived in another building, according to Schwartz.

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Anne E. Schwartz has spoken out about parts of the inaccuracy of the new Netflix show about Jeffrey Dahmer.
Journalist Anne E. Schwartz has spoken out about the inaccuracies in the new Netflix show that depicts Jeffrey Dahmer’s murder spree.

“In the first five minutes of the first episode, you have Glenda Cleveland knocking on his door. None of that happened at all,” Schwartz said. “I had trouble buying, because I knew it wasn’t accurate. But people don’t watch it that way, they watch it for entertainment.”

the offer The families of the victims of cannibals also criticized Dahmerwho were angry to relive the trauma he caused.

Schwartz also remembered a frightening phone call she once received in her TV newsroom from Dahmer complaining after another of her book, the bestseller “The man who couldn’t kill enough,” has been published.

There were major differences between the real Jeffrey Dahmer and filming on Netflix.
There were key differences between the real Jeffrey Dahmer (inset) and the depiction of his life and crimes on Netflix.

Schwartz said he was “very quick and very precise,” also noting that he “was very protective of his parents, especially his mother.

“It had no effect in his voice. It was very vanilla, it was very flat. There was nothing. He just said no one was responsible for what I did but me.”

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