What’s going on with this car, which has been abandoned for weeks, is a “public health risk”

As “Algemeen Dagblad” writes, a note also adorns the windshield of the car. “When will this ruin be removed?” “, shall we read. Because every passerby who has the misfortune of passing within a few meters of the vehicle is struck by this terrible smell…

On site, large black flies exit the passenger compartment through a crack in the passenger side window… and on closer inspection, we understand why…

Because the vehicle is full of rotten food, especially meat, according to our colleagues, thousands of maggots are crawling everywhere. Consider the high temperatures of the past few weeks. All photos can be found on our colleagues’ site at HLN by clicking here (Sensitives avoid…).

“Threat to Public Health”

“Law enforcement cannot enforce the law because the vehicle does not fall under the category of wreck or is in default,” a spokesperson for the municipality of Delft told the “Allgemeine Dagblad”.

But why was the vehicle abandoned in this condition? I heard that the owner was chased and arrested. “But if that’s not a public health threat, I don’t know what is.” Indeed, the situation cannot continue any longer.

Finally, after six weeks, the car was removed by a salvage company on Friday evening. Oh, we’re finally breathing.

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