Warriors ’emotionally prepared’ for Klay Thompson’s departure, according to Zach Lowe – NBC Sports Bay Area & California

Tensions are rising between Klay Thompson and the Warriors with NBA free agency on the horizon.

While both sides now understand that this is all part of the business, there is still an emotional aspect that could play a factor in the looming decision.

Those sentiments are clear to ESPN’s Zach Lowe, who believes both sides are preparing to part ways.

“They seem to be emotionally prepared for that possibility,” Lowe said Wednesday morning on “Get Up.” “And I think there are some hurt feelings on both sides that need to be mended in order for this meeting to happen. We’ll know a lot on Friday. June 20, there’s a deadline to secure Chris Paul’s contract for $30 million or the Warriors essentially waive him.” Ben Now until then, the Warriors can work on finding a trade for Chris Paul that brings back someone who can help their team if they bring in another high-priced player, it will become financially difficult to keep this entire team together.

“They don’t want to pay a huge tax bill for a team that’s struggling just to get to the playoffs. And Klay, everybody needs a shot, he can fit in anywhere. It’s just a matter of who has the money and wherewithal to go get him and give him what he wants. Look at him.” [the] Denver [Nuggets] For example. If Kentavious Caldwell-Pope leaves Denver, is it a good fit for Klay Thompson? What is his priority? Is it money? the win? Back to Golden State?

So far, Thompson and the Warriors have not agreed to a contract extension, and the five-time NBA star is scheduled to hit the market Sunday night.

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Multiple reports indicate that Thompson is seeking at least a three-year deal, which the Warriors have reportedly not yet offered. Golden State reportedly offered the sharpshooter a two-year contract before free agency, but it appears Thompson will test the waters with other teams.

Thompson was hired by Golden State in 2011 and spent his entire career in the Bay, helping the Warriors win four NBA titles alongside the same dynasty trio, Steph Curry and Draymond Green.

All feelings are understandable, but nothing lasts forever.

“Romantically, my romantic soul wants these three guys to play together forever,” Lowe said. “We don’t always get what we want.”

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