War in Ukraine: What are the stakes behind key city Kherson ahead of a ‘decisive’ battle?

However, progress is slow. “It’s a very complex landscape.Nicolas Gossett says. The Russians had significantly fortified the area, they already had 3 full defense lines around the city of Kherson and in the center. We have a system of trenches and fortifications in the first sense of the word, so it will take a lot of time to breach these defenses..”

Also, the region is a kind of troop, a plain with many canals, ditches, irrigation, “Also used as a secondary fortress by the Russians”.

The weather doesn’t help either: the rain has made the ground very muddy,”This complicates the advance of heavy artillery. This complicates progress.”

Finally, the Russian forces included fighters from the Wagner group, Chechens, and determined airborne forces. “They go against all military logic and try at any cost to minimize losses and retreat. There is a political will from the top of the Russian government to maintain control of the region at any cost.”

Additionally, the Russians are complicating the Ukrainians’ task by monopolizing their forces in Bagmouth to the east. “This does not prevent the Ukrainians from consolidating and increasing their presence in the Kherson region, but it complicates the situation.”

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