War in Ukraine: “Vladimir Putin finds truth distorted in his head”

“President Putin’s tactics are as dirty as Hitler’s during his time,” said Volodymyr Zelensky. “Attacks are against water and electricity infrastructure, to sow panic, send people fleeing, and have a free hand to destroy deserted towns with their heavy artillery before sending in infantry”.

“Vladimir Putin, I will tell you what your generals and ministers dare not tell you”

The Ukrainian head of state fears that these types of targeted strikes won’t stop anytime soon. He also knows that a new attack by the Russian military may be launched in the coming weeks. “You can understand their desire for revenge. Their obsession is to attack our country and occupy our territory. They never gave up on this project, I believe. But the question is: are they worth it?” wondered Volodymyr Zelensky.

The Ukrainian president firmly believes that his Russian counterpart “doesn’t want peace.” “I don’t believe he is ready to draw conclusions from the tragedy he has caused to the world in Ukraine, but first in his own country. […] He thinks only of his profit and personal interests […] She doesn’t care about Russian society, she rules like citizens are slaves,” Zelensky added, adding that Vladimir Putin “always does things in a roundabout way” and that he “sees reality in a distorted way in her head.” .

At present, the Ukrainian does not see “a point of negotiation” with the Russian president. If Russia does not commit itself to some arrangement, he said: “What we are interested in is the liberation of our lands, the territories currently held by the Russians. This will require talking to a Russia that is willing to respect its interlocutor and begin to return ours in accordance with international law. It is with such a Russia that I am ready to negotiate, but not with the Russia we have now, with Nazi Russia”.

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