War in Ukraine: The creation of the ICC Committee on War Crimes Monitoring Center in Ukraine … Summary of May 17

Attorney International Penal Court (CPI), Kareem Khan, announced the deployment in UkraineA team of 42 investigators and expertsThere is The most important task To investigate crimes committed during the Russian invasion, based on the numbers sent so far.

The Russian Defense Ministry said 265 Ukrainian fighters from Azovstal Was Made prisoners But he did not Nothing is mentioned about potential trade Prisoners, unlike Ukraine. Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar has previously said that the militants would be repatriated to areas under Ukrainian control.As part of the transfer process“After these evictions, the complete fall of Mariupol seems inevitable.

Russia has decidedExpel the two Finnish ambassadors Russia withdrew from the Baltic Council in retaliation for a similar move by Helsinki.

The Finnish Parliament Is Is valid NATO membership application With the vast majority. President Olaf Scholes has announced that Germany will “intensify” its military cooperation with NATO candidates Sweden and Finland.

L ‘Russian attack on Donbass Its Intensified Monday and at least 10 people were killed Chevrodonetsk, An important administrative center still under the control of Kiev. The city is almost completely surrounded by Moscow’s forces.

In NortheastCaptured by the Ukrainians Control As a part of Border Area KharkovAccording to Kyiv.

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