War in Ukraine: Russian military says situation ‘tense’ for its troops

The Russian military said on Tuesday that the situation on the ground in Ukraine remains “tense” in the face of a Ukrainian counter-offensive, after several significant setbacks in the east and south.

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LHe could describe the situation as tense in the area of ​​special military operations. The enemy has not given up its attempts to attack Russian troop positions,” General Sergei Surovykin, who has been in charge of operations in Ukraine for ten days, told Russian public television Rossiya 24.

“The Ukrainian regime is trying to break our defenses” by bringing together “all its reserves” for a counterattack, he said.

According to General Surovik, the situation in Kherson, the capital of the eponymous region, which has been militarily occupied by Russia since the spring and annexed to southern Ukraine in September, is “very difficult” due to Ukrainian strikes targeting “social infrastructure, economy and industry”. of the city.

Sites damaged by the strikes included the Khakovka power station dam and the Antonovsky Bridge connecting the north and south banks of the Dnieper River, according to the same source. Gen. Surovikhin said the strikes were disrupting electricity, water and food supplies in Kherson, which he condemned as a “direct threat to people’s lives.” “The Russian army will above all ensure the safe evacuation of people,” he declared. “Further actions regarding the city of Kherson will depend on the military situation,” the Russian general said, arguing “the need to protect the lives of civilians and the Russian army as much as possible.” “We do not rule out making a very difficult decision,” he added.

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In addition, the Russian military is preparing to evacuate the city of Kherson, the capital of Russia’s annexed region in southern Ukraine, in the face of a counterattack from Kyiv, the commander of the forces announced on Tuesday. Russians in Ukraine.

“The Russian military will above all ensure the safe evacuation of people,” where attacks targeting Ukrainian civilian infrastructure “create a direct threat to people’s lives,” General Sergey Surovykin insisted to Russian public Rossiya 24 television. The situation in the city was “extremely difficult”.

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