War in Ukraine: Russia Completes Mobilization of 300,000 Reservists

“The task of recruiting 300,000 people has been accomplished,” said Mr. Mr. Shoigu appeared on Russian television. Sitting across from Putin, 41,000 of them are already stationed in military units in Ukraine.

“No additional operations are planned,” he said, indicating that Russia does not plan to mobilize additional reservists and civilians in the immediate future.

However, he said Russia continues to recruit volunteers and contract soldiers.

According to the minister, 218,000 reservists are undergoing training at Russian military bases, 41,000 are serving in military units fighting in Ukraine, and another 41,000 are in the conflict zone but still undergoing training.

“I want to thank everyone who joined the ranks of the armed forces,” Putin said: “Thank you for this loyalty to duty, this patriotism.”

The Russian president, like his minister, once again acknowledged the failures of this mobilization, which saw many unqualified people join themselves and a lack of equipment.

But Mr. Choigou assured on Friday that all equipment problems are now “resolved”.

The Russian president announced on September 21 that 300,000 reservists would be mobilizing civilians, while the Ukrainian army forced Russian forces to retreat in several areas of the frontline, particularly in the northeast and south.

The announcement led to the evacuation of an untold number of Russians who fled the country for fear of being sent to war.

Russia has also claimed annexation of four regions of eastern and southern Ukraine, where almost the entire front line is located.

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