War in Ukraine: “Risk of Putin Using Nuclear Weapons Growing by the Day”

The war in Ukraine has taken a completely different turn in recent weeks. Ukraine Multiplied counter attacks and made significant territorial gains. Countering these advances by Zelensky’s forces was Russian President Vladimir Putin He announced a “partial demobilization” in his country last week. The Kremlin leader’s words were provocative Real panic And many Russians tried to leave the territory. of Demonstrations And the whole country erupted. Returning to these latest events, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov admitted that “mistakes were made.” In fact, while officials said that mobilization would only concern those with military experience or the necessary skills, other profiles were called up to go to the battlefield. Elderly, sick or even students appeared on the list. Mr Peskov hoped these misunderstandings would soon be “corrected”.

In the face of these problems facing Moscow, Mr. According to former CIA agent and CNN analyst Robert Baer, ​​the chances of such a reaction from the Russian president are almost zero. “He cannot give up so much ground, let his defeat show and continue to lead Russia,” he said. “He’s a strong man. That’s the image he’s given himself for the last twenty years.”

“Vladimir Putin cornered”

For Mr. Baer, ​​Vladimir Putin is “around the corner.” “Like a shark, he has to keep moving forward,” he continued, dismissing the prospect of the Kremlin leader sitting at the negotiating table.

About Nuclear threat, on September 21 Mr. Putin was once again agitated during his speech, and the analyst assumed it was true. Like President Zelensky, the Kremlin leader said he was no fool. “The risk of seeing him use nuclear weapons is increasing by the day. The Russians I’m in touch with are convinced he will do it. I don’t know how well they know,” the former CIA agent concluded. , on CNN. “Initially it was a threat, but the more problems Putin has, the more likely he is to use nuclear weapons. I would not be surprised if they are not used against Ukrainian forces.”

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