War in Ukraine: Pictures show horror in Bautza

Hundreds of civilians were killed in Bautza last March. CCTV footage and phone calls revealed the scale of the carnage.

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LIn the first weeks of the conflict, several hundreds of Ukrainian civilians were killed in Butsa by the Russian army. Now, multiple recordings from CCTV images and phone call recordings have helped the AP news agency and the PBS broadcaster reconstruct the horror that unfolded in this Kyiv suburb, published in an article this Saturday. 7sur7无.be.

This component is part of a larger investigative project into Russian war crimes in Ukraine, called “War Crime Watch Ukraine.” In total, the groups have already investigated at least 558 Russian war crimes, such as Boutcha.

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Struggling with Kiev, Russian troops concentrated in nearby cities. In early March, they arrived in Bautsa, a suburb of Kiev, 25 kilometers northwest of the Ukrainian capital. Ukrainian soldiers were pushed back there, and by the afternoon of March 3, they had to leave Yablonska Street, a strategic artery that crosses the city from east to west. CCTV footage shows a black minibus carrying some Ukrainian soldiers to escape to Irbin.

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450 civilians were killed

Terror continued in Bautza until April 1, when the Ukrainian army liberated the city. Many bodies were scattered in the streets, including about forty in Yaplonska alone. In April, images of civilians shot dead with their hands tied behind their backs shocked the world. In most cases, they appear to have been tortured before being hanged. In total, at least 450 people died, men, women and children, as recorded by Ukrainian authorities.

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