War in Ukraine on April 11: Russian maneuvers in Arctic waters and US suspicions of Ukrainian counterattack

Fighting continues for control of the city of Bakhmoud in eastern Ukraine, which has been heavily contested since last summer. The head of the Russian paramilitary group Wagner, Yevgeny Prigojine, said on Tuesday that his men had captured “more than 80%” of the city.

On Tuesday, Russia conducted large-scale military maneuvers in its Arctic waters. The exercises involved 1,800 soldiers, a dozen ships and 40 aircraft and helicopters. According to the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy, the exercises are aimed at protectingProtection of sea lanes such as Russian merchant shipping and the Northern Sea Route“. The maneuver must last several days.

Precisely in Russia, a new discovery explains the fate of the fighters involved in the Wagner militia, the Kremlin’s real cannon fodder. Mass graves containing the bodies of paramilitary soldiers have been discovered by residents in various parts of the country, the BBC reported. Many of them will be prisoners who chose to fight in Ukraine in exchange for a reduced sentence. Such improvised graves are common without informing the families of the dead. Since then, the latter have been trying to find the corpse of their dead relative to bury it next to them.

The leak of secret documents from the United States continues to be talked about. According to a document released to the public, US intelligence is skeptical of a Ukrainian counteroffensive that could achieve only “moderate territorial gains” against Russian forces. The Washington Post.

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