War in Ukraine: Moscow uses photo of ethnic Slovene to blame Kiev

On Monday, the Russian Foreign Ministry released, Also in English on TwitterThe following message: “Russian Ministry of Defense: According to information at our disposal, two Ukrainian organizations were ordered to make # bomb sales“. The text is illustrated with photographs specifically representing a nuclear power plant, a radioactive waste storage site, scientific research reactors, and plastic bags containing spent uranium and plutonium.

say “radioactive“, ie”radioactive“In Slovenian, appeared in plastic bags.

One of the photos used in the Russian tweet to represent Ukrainian capabilities “Dirty Bomb” […] Used in conferences and pamphlets since 2010“, explained the government of Slovenia, a member state of the European Union (EU) and NATO. He “Released without the knowledge of ARAO“, he clarified.

Radioactive waste is stored safely and under surveillance in Slovenia. They are not used to make dirty bombs“, he added.

Russia has accused Ukraine since Sunday of preparing a weapon consisting of conventional explosives surrounded by radioactive materials that are released during detonation.

He reiterated his allegations against China and India on Wednesday.

Ukraine and Westerners Condemn the Allegations “Ridiculous“and”DangerousAnd suggested that Russia is bracing itself for a battlefield where its troops have suffered repeated defeats since September.

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