War in Ukraine: ‘More than 6 million’ households affected by power cuts in Ukraine, Zelensky announces (live review)

Two weeks after the Russian withdrawal, the city of Kherson did not end the suffering. The bombings took place on Thursday and resumed on Friday. According to Yaroslav Yanushevich, head of the Kherson military administration, patients are being evacuated from the hospital. Russian bombing killed 15 civilians on Friday, a city official said.

Ukraine was partially without power and water on Friday, two days after massive Russian strikes that specifically targeted energy infrastructure. More than six million households in Ukraine were affected by a power outage in Ukraine on Friday, two days after massive Russian strikes against the country. In Telegram President Volodymyr Zelensky. A strategy described as “war crimes”.By the Western Allies as winter sets in.

In Kiev, with temperatures close to zero, almost half of the population was without electricity, while the water supply was restored, according to the town hall, which noted that a third of the residences were able to recover from the heat.

In Russia, the mothers of the Russian soldiers who rallied at the front are raising their voices. They challenged Putin, worried about the conditions under which their sons would be sent to war. We pLet us share this pain theirs The Kremlin leader responded. We know that nothing can compensate for the loss of a son.

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