War in Ukraine: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz backs aid to Ukraine, shouts during speech

“War mongers”, “Make peace without weapons”, “Get out!” A group of detractors literally shouted phrases like and “We the People” at Friday’s European Social Democratic party festival in Balkansee near Berlin.

“Dear Howlers,” Mr. Sholes responded harshly. Vladimir Putin is a true “warmonger,” he said, “who will yell at you if you have any sense in your brain.”

The German leader has made it clear that he sees no other solution than to support Ukraine, given Russia’s large-scale invasion, not only in principle but also through weapons.

“Yes, it must, if a country is attacked it must defend itself, it is allowed to defend itself, and what else?” He said.

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“Putin wants to destroy Ukraine,” said Olaf Scholes. He killed many civilians, including children and the elderly, accusing him of murdering the Russian leader.

“Peace and freedom are threatened by this war of aggression,” the president asserted.

In his speech, he reiterated that Ukraine needs help. “It’s right to support Ukraine,” he said. Referring to financial, humanitarian and military support, he said Germany is the second largest donor of aid to Ukraine after the United States. “We will all do this together as long as it takes,” the chancellor concluded.

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