War in Ukraine: Did Russia Write a Message About Its Explosive Drones? (photograph)

From December 31 to the night of January 1, several Ukrainian regions were attacked.

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LUkrainian authorities on Sunday reported four people dead and 50 wounded in Russian attacks just before and after the New Year, which Moscow said targeted drone production facilities.

According to a recent report by local and regional authorities, the attacks specifically targeted the capital, Kyiv and seven Ukrainian regions.

AFP journalists in Kyiv heard about a dozen explosions early Saturday afternoon and several tens of minutes after New Year’s.

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Ukraine’s air force said overnight it shot down 45 Iranian-made Shahed explosive drones launched by Russia. He did not say whether the drones hit their targets.

Kyiv police chief Andrii Nebitov posted a photo on Facebook of what appeared to be the remains of a drone with the words “Happy New Year” in Russian. “This is what you need to know about the terrorist state and its military,” he wrote.

The Russian military on Saturday “conducted a long-range precision airstrike against Ukrainian defense industry facilities involved in the production of attack drones used to carry out terrorist attacks against Russia.” “Plans by the Kyiv regime to launch terrorist attacks against Russia in the future have been thwarted,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in its daily statement.

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