War in Ukraine: At least 63 Russian soldiers killed in attack near Donetsk

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, 63 Russian soldiers died in one attack. Ukrainian authorities are pushing the balance sheet, saying they have at least 400 dead.

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hasAt least 63 Russian soldiers were killed in a Ukrainian attack in the eastern Ukrainian town of Makhivka, the Russian Defense Ministry announced on Monday. While the Ukrainian authorities are prodding, they are keeping track of the fact that at least 400 Russian soldiers have been killed, our colleagues from the BBC report.

Since the start of its military intervention in Ukraine in February 2022, the Russian military, to say nothing of the number of dead and wounded among its ranks, has never suffered such heavy losses in a single attack.

A spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Igor Konashenkov, said in an undated statement that “four missiles” struck the Russian military’s “temporary deployment center” in Makiivka, a Russian-occupied town east of Donetsk.

The Russian ministry attributes the attack to a Himars multiple rocket launcher, a weapon supplied to Kiev by the United States, and says it shot down two of the six missiles fired at the target in Makhivka. “All necessary help and support will be provided to the families and relatives of the killed soldiers,” a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry assured.

On Sunday, Russian and Ukrainian media began reporting on the strike on Makiivka, which they said took place between Saturday and Sunday night, just in time for the transition to the New Year, a building that had recently housed squatters. Accumulated in Russia suffered.

The bombing was made possible by the Ukrainian military’s “significant use of their mobile phones” that allow their geolocation, an anonymous source within the authorities explained on Monday. Toss

Several war correspondents who support the Russian-initiated attack criticized the Russian military command in Telegram, saying that soldiers on the ground should have carried their phones and should not have been concentrated in one building.


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