War in Ukraine: 15th Coordination Meeting of Military Assistance to Ukraine Announces Immediate Arrival of Abrams Tanks

Ukrainian Counterattack”steadily progressing“It will counter Russian troops and soon be supported by the arrival on the ground of American Abrams tanks,” the US pledged Tuesday during a meeting with its allies in Germany.

This 15th meeting to coordinate military aid to Ukraine brought together about fifty countries in the presence of new Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustam Omerov at the US base in Ramstein (Southern Germany). Invasion.

According to US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, host of the meeting, the Ukrainian counteroffensive has been ongoing since early June.It continues to progress“. Mr. Austin also announced that the American tanks “Soon to enter Ukraine“According to a senior US military official, the first devices will arrive in the coming days and the rest will arrive in the coming weeks.”And it would add a formidable armored force“On the battlefield, Mr. Austin promised to receive Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the Pentagon on Thursday.

Penetrating Russian defenses

According to an announcement made in September, the tanks will be equipped with 120 mm depleted uranium ammunition supplied by the United States. These munitions can penetrate armor but are controversial because of the toxic risks to the military and civilians. In January, Washington pledged to send a total of 31 Abrams, which will join the London-supplied Challenger 2 and the German-made Panther 2. The Ukrainians previously had only Soviet-designed machines.

Since launching their counter-offensive about three months ago, Kiev’s troops have “penetrated multiple layers” of Russian defenses, observed U.S. Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley Ramstein. “It is a series of defensive belts built by the Russians with complex obstacles, mines, dragon’s teeth, barbed wire, and fortifications.“, he explained.

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UkrainiansVery slow moving“Through These Layers”while preserving their fighting power“, he added. However, the Ukrainian authorities emphasize the urgency of acquiring additional means of attacking Russian troops beyond the front line and controlling the airspace. They are especially waiting for the F-16 fighters of the American design, promised by several countries. This equipment is a training challenge and many for the first units. Cannot be used for months.


Ukrainians urge Germany and US to supply long-range cruise missiles The question remains unresolved, as German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius admitted on Monday, “Political, legal, military and technological aspects are many“One of the outstanding questions is whether this type of weapon can be used without the support of Bundeswehr soldiers. Berlin fears that the missiles could reach the Russian border, which could lead to an escalation of the conflict.

We focus on Ukraine’s most pressing needs, air defense capability“, underscored the US secretary of state when asked about the delivery of missiles. Ukraine is targeted by Russian drones almost daily. Russian attacks in Ukraine on Tuesday left six civilians dead in Kubiansk (east), two in Kherson (south) and one in Lviv (west), Ukrainian officials said. declared. Attack on Lviv, almost 1000 km from the front, three warehouses and “Seven drones were shot down“On the territory of the region. In Mykolayiv (southern) region, ten Shahed drones were shot down by air defense during the night.

Ahead of the meeting, Germany announced a new aid package of 400 million euros. “As Ukraine heads into another winter war, I have urged our partners to donate whatever air defense weapons they can.” Mr. Austin insisted.

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In total, the United States and its allies have provided more than $76 billion in direct aid to Ukraine’s security since the Russian invasion began.

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