Walking with no stopping: This is the rule imposed by a famous Italian village

Don’t know Portofino? You may have already seen Village on TV or in your Instagram feed. A charming village in Liguria, Portofino attracts several thousand tourists a day during the summer.

Located not far from the famous “Cinque Terre”, Portofino does not envy its relatives further south. A village characterized by its multi-colored houses, its majestic villas on the edge of colorful cliffs and its charming little port, it nevertheless suffers from its mass tourism.

To change the situation, village officials have decided to put in place a new rule: don’t stop. “was Problems with the fluidity of pedestrian and vehicular circulation and the risk of serious disruption and over-density of peopleā€. Expresses Corriere Della Sera.

In red and orange zones, vehicles cannot be parked. Transport, active walking only. The area affected by the new regulations stretches from the main square to the creeks. In the village, the traffic between 10:30 am and 6:00 pm is very congested, making it difficult for police, ambulance and rescue personnel to perform their duties properly.

Between 10:30am and 6pm, high season: Walking is free, but without stops or crowds. If the police ever arrest you, you will have to pay a fine of between 68 and 275 euros.

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