Wagner’s boss, the future president of Ukraine? “I have decided to contest the 2024 elections”

With fighting still raging in Ukraine, particularly on the Bagmouth frontline, Wagner Group head Evegueni Prigojine made a surprising statement on Saturday.

In a video posted on social networks, the head of the Russian paramilitary organization said that he had ambitions to succeed Volodymyr Zelenksy as the head of Ukraine.

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“I speak loudly politically so that everyone can hear meLaunched in front of ruined buildings in Russian military uniform. Looking at everything around me, I have a political desire. I have decided to run in the presidential election of Ukraine in 2024,” he said.

Evgueni Prigojine, 61, says he is ready to challenge former Ukrainian presidents Petro Poroshenko and Volodymyr Zelensky, while the two Ukrainians have yet to announce their intentions for the next election. “Friends, if I win the election for the presidency of Ukraine, everything will be fine. Ammunition is no longer needed.

The Russian leader’s announcement should be taken with a grain of salt. First, Evgueni Prigojine does not have Ukrainian citizenship, which is not a condition for standing for election. Later, his statement seems tantamount to provocation, while he has repeatedly raised harsh criticism of Russian security in recent weeks.

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According to Anton Gerachenko, adviser to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the announcement “It is intended to distract from his political ambitions in Russia, where he dreams of coming to power and becoming Putin’s successor.”.

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