Volodymyr Zelensky believes that “the defeat of evil is approaching”, and that peace will return to Ukraine within a year

“The defeat of evil is drawing near,” he added.

Many Christians celebrate Easter in Ukraine on Sunday, but a large part of the population follows the calendar of the Russian Orthodox Church, according to which Easter falls on the following Sunday. For these believers this Sunday is then Palm Sunday.

So Mr Zelensky criticized Russia for launching rocket attacks on Palm Sunday. In Zaporizijjia, in the south of the country, one of them attacked a house, killing a man and an eleven-year-old girl. “This is how the terrorist state spends its Palm Sunday,” the Ukrainian president continued. “Thus Russia isolates herself from the world and from humanity.”


The leader of the war-torn country concluded his video message with the hope that “next year Palm Sunday will be peaceful and free for all our people.” He thanked the Ukrainians who resisted the Russian invasion and their allies abroad who supported them with arms and ammunition.

Ukraine has been at war for over 13 months. Victory for one side or the other is far from in sight. There is no plan for peace talks.

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