Vladimir Putin’s close friend pressures European leaders live on French TV (VIDEO)

Pyotr Tolstoy is not the most famous of Russian politicians, but he is one of the strongest men in the Kremlin. Deputy Speaker of the Duma, the lower house of the Russian Parliament, while relatively close to Vladimir Putin. This Thursday, he was invited to speak on French channel BFM television, where he warned of reprisals against countries that come to Ukraine’s aid.


“We are only at the beginning of this conflict, which will last for many years,” explained Pyotr Tolstoy in a particularly ominous tone. “Critical in this conflict is NATO’s military aid to Ukraine. The data from American satellites sent to the Ukrainian military is critical. And for this aid, you have to pay a price. And it’s going to be expensive. Whether it’s for the European middle class, or for the European Union, which is going to throw itself into an economic crisis. All the politicians who vote for sanctions and call it a terrorist state will be left in the dustbin of history. Don’t forget that Russia is the biggest country in Europe. We have gone to war with Europe twice. The first time, we ended it in Paris, the second time in Berlin. So, when we say kyiv is our goal. , it’s still very modest. You will pay the price for this support for Ukraine. Inflation, gas prices, electricity prices… But I’m not going to tell you everything, w You can see in rum months. ยป

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