US Presidential Election: Joe Biden faces a tough test for his candidacy this Thursday

Joe Biden, who now stakes his political survival on every public appearance, will face a powerful test of his presidential candidacy with a press conference on Thursday.

Joe Biden, who now stakes his political survival on every public appearance, will face a powerful test of his presidential candidacy with a press conference on Thursday.

And it will be “A Big Boy Press Conference” The White House gave assurances without further details on timing or progress.

This curious revelation was no doubt intended to distinguish the meeting from the short, well-marked question/answer sessions the US president usually attends in the company of foreign leaders he receives, during which a total of four journalists were appointed in advance. Ask questions.

At 5:30 p.m. at the convention center hosting the NATO summit in Washington this week, Joe Biden should speak confidently, without notes. Teleprompter.

In short, he couldn’t do it during a June 27 debate against Donald Trump, his Republican opponent in the November presidential election.

The 81-year-old Democrat has not succeeded in assuaging doubts in his party since the devastating televised spat.

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“For the good of the country”

On Wednesday, Vermont’s Peter Welch became the first Democratic senator to directly call on him to “withdraw from the race” for the White House “for the good of the country.”

So did many elected officials from the other house of Congress, the House of Representatives. The actor joined them on Wednesday

George Clooney, an ardent Democrat and powerful fundraiser.

Big names in the party – like former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – are urging the US president to “make a decision”. He’s already taken, meaning he stays in the race, which isn’t right.

Democratic senators planned to have lunch Thursday with three of Joe Biden’s closest advisers.

According to researcher Martha Joynt Kumar, cited by Axios, Joe Biden has given 36 press conferences since becoming president. Of his six predecessors, only Republican Donald Reagan had done less.

“Guys, it’s 6pm.. Respectfully, I’ll see you at the next (press) meeting. OK?” This is how Joe Biden ended a nearly two-hour marathon exchange with reporters in January 2023.

But there is no “next” press conference, or at least none of this duration.

“to go to bed”

For example, in September 2023, he gave one during a trip to Vietnam, ending it by telling the press that he was “going to bed.”

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Donald Trump, while violently attacking the media, has been unable to resist a microphone or camera during his presidency, often staying with reporters for more than an hour.

Joe Biden frequently gave his press conferences in two specific settings: foreign trips or visits by foreign leaders.

For the rest, he is content to answer one or two questions on the fly, occasionally and briefly, for one of his speeches or from a small group of reporters who have gathered to travel with him.

Thursday’s crucial test comes after a busy few days for the octogenarian president, who is desperate to prove his vitality.

For example, in the space of a week, he campaigned in two key states, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, gave an interview to ABC, and participated in a NATO summit, hosting a dinner Wednesday evening for the leaders of the defense organization’s member states.

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