Unknowingly, a woman eats a heart-shaped chip that could earn her more than 120,000 euros: “I’m disgusted”

February 15 Don Sagar did not expect this day to be etched in his memory forever. On that day, this Brit missed 120,000 euros. That’s it! In fact, she lost her chance to win the chips contest.

The Walkers brand explained this in an Instagram post: “Got a £100,000 winning heart-shaped crisp and fancy to start your year?”. Except that day, unaware of the competition, Don took a picture of the chips and sent them to his group of friends and ate them. Messages from his relatives came too late to inform him of the match.

“I was taking a break from work and I had a pack of Walkers crisps with me. I was eating them and suddenly I was like, ‘Oh my gosh! I’m going to take a picture of that’ because it’s the day after Valentine’s Day. I sent it to my group of friends on Snapchat to say Happy Valentine’s Day.”He explains to our colleagues from the BBC.

She says she’s been inundated with messages from people asking if she’s already eaten it. Responding in the affirmative, it was explained to him that this was the heart of the Walkers brand’s competition. “I immediately went to Google and realized it was too late.

In fact, Walkers explains, the chips and package must be made to qualify for the prize. However, the mother of the family took the news lightly. “I’m disgusted, but it’s not the end of the world, is it? It would have made my life a little happier, but if I didn’t have that money it wouldn’t have made a difference..

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