Ubisoft online sunsets services for dozens of old games

Ubisoft has stopped providing online services for dozens of its games. As of April 21, 90 retro games from the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 era will no longer have online multiplayer news and stats. Some of the affected perks include just danceAnd Doctrine killerAnd far cry, and Splinter Cell. Ubisoft announced the change on the company’s website.

The affected games will continue to be available for offline play. The Latest from Ubisoft He said the changes also disabled unlockable content such as skins and maps in games. Unlocked content for those who own the console version of the games will continue to play unless the player resets the save file. But strangely enough, Windows PC players won’t be able to access this content, “even if it was previously retrieved”.

The Full list of affected titles It can be found on the Ubisoft website. The majority of the games are very old, and in some cases, they are on broken platforms like OnLive cloud gaming service. Some classic titles like assassin’s creed 2 Not only will it have online functionality, but it will also have newer, remastered versions. Other notable titles include far cry And far cry 2 For Windows PC as well rainbow six vegas And rainbow six vegas 2.

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