Two men get jobs at Amazon Japan only to steal copies of Zelda

A report from a Japanese magazine Shukan Bunchon Say it in the run-up to release The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom’s Tears Earlier this month, two men – in separate cases – secured contract jobs at Amazon for the express purpose of getting a copy of the game early.

This news comes courtesy of an unnamed Amazon subcontractor, called Mr. A in the story, who worked in the same warehouse with both men. The first offender, a 21-year-old man, appointed about a month before game release date may 12th as a deliveryman. a few days ago Kingdom Tears It was set to decrease, however, and simply stopped going to work.

When Mr. A calls his home, the man’s mother answers, telling him directly that her son is home playing video games. When Mr. A later found out that the game was zeldaand that the physical or digital version of the game had not yet been released, he confronted the employee, who immediately admitted that he only got the job to get his hands on zelda In advance, they picked up a copy from the warehouse when they arrived.

After he was caught, the man returned the game, paid for it, and was kicked out. The second worker, 24, had slightly different plans. When he, too, was found to have stopped working just before that Totk The release date (having just been set), Mr. A again suspects “Zelda Vacation”, only this time the culprit – who also promptly admits – stole a bunch of zeldaRelated merchandise, including Amiibo and zeldaPro controllers themed with the aim of reselling on sites like Mercari. He was also dismissed.

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The whole story Shukan Bunchon He uses just these two men—both of whom work at a Kanagawa warehouse in Kanagawa Prefecture—as a case study; This kind of theft is alleged to be widespread in the company, and Mr. A uses the interview as an opportunity to complain that one reason for this is that Amazon Japan has been sweeping these cases under the rug, and he feels that if employees are accused of criminal offenses, the situation will be taken seriously. Larger.

(The site contacted the Amazon warehouse featured in the story, and was only told that all deliveries of the game had gone through successfully, and that two employees had actually been terminated in May, without disclosing the reasons for this.)

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