Turmoil on flight from Madrid to Buenos Aires: “I’ve never felt so close to death…”

The incident took place on an Aerolinas Argentina flight connecting Madrid to Buenos Aires. During the flight, very violent turbulence caused panic among the passengers. Suitcases were flying everywhere, with passengers hitting their heads in front of them and even up to the roof.

These turbulences, which last only a few seconds, are endless for the passengers in the plane. Twelve people were injured, two passengers had fractures, one to the nose and the other to the sacrum.

Argentinian singer Lucia Genot was on the plane and explains to our colleagues at HLN what happened: “While talking to the maid, the signal to fasten the seat belt sounded. Five seconds later, the plane started shaking violently“. The singer immediately took the reflex to level herself on the ground, but the ensuing turbulence was so strong that her head hit the ceiling: “I’ve never been closer to death than those 15 seconds“Lucia explains. The other passengers on the plane went completely crazy and some pictures posted on Twitter prove that it was an emergency situation.

Eventually the plane managed to land on time. It was at the hospital that he learned Lucia had fractured her sacrum. Meanwhile, the airline tweeted about the incident:They were not wearing seat belts. The warning light was still on and the impending danger was announced over the intercom“.

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