Trump is coming back at his best enemy, CNN

The televised “town hall” with voters in New Hampshire was her first media appearance after she was found guilty of sexual assault by a civil court in New York.

Before the show, as usual, the former reality TV host hosted the show. “On the way to New Hampshire. CNN, live tonight at 8:00 p.m.,” he began on his network, Truth Social.

There is no chance that this state on the border of Canada would be chosen for this grand ritual of American politics. New Hampshire is primed to host early Republican primaries in 2024. A win in this state would ensure Donald Trump, who currently leads the polls, has valuable momentum for the rest of his campaign.

Donald Trump takes responsibility for sexual assault, condemns ‘shameful verdict’

The news from CNN, a channel with which he has a very conflicted relationship, came as a surprise.

“Enemies of the People”

The chain says it’s the first exchange CNN has hosted since the election of Donald Trump in November 2016.

Under his presidency, the billionaire has multiplied his outbursts against the media, described as “enemies of the people”.

Special focus on “Cable News Network”: In 2017, he posted a montage on his Twitter account showing him beating a man, his face replaced by the channel’s logo.

“You are a very rude and cruel person!”, he began in 2018 before temporarily withdrawing his White House accreditation to one of the channel’s star journalists.

Last October, the former president also filed a complaint against CNN. He accused him of defamation, seeking $475 million in damages to prevent him from contesting the 2024 election.

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But in the highly competitive media world, channels need a show. Donald Trump’s antics, whether they’re shocking or funny, get ratings — CNN has had some of its best marks under his presidency.

“Is this CNN’s comeback? Or just bullshit?” A former White House tenant joked this week.

“They are very desperate to regain these exceptional viewership numbers, rightfully so,” he said, before urging the channel to tackle Trumpism, “the most extraordinary political movement in the history of our country”, respectfully.

The choice to reschedule the turbulent septuagenarian was heavily criticized. “Donald Trump tried to destroy American democracy, why is CNN trying to rehabilitate him?”, condemned police officer Michael Fanon, who defended his seat in the US Congress on January 6, 2021, when he was attacked by supporters of the former president. .

CNN is also a rival to Fox News, which is favored by conservatives but abandoned by Donald Trump after losing the 2020 presidential election.

Fox News, owned by media mogul Rupert Murdoch, has tapped Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Donald Trump’s main rival for the Republican nomination.

“Trump is a risk America can’t take again”

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