Trump claims Bob Woodward audio tapes ‘belong to me’

Donald Trump Friday insisted that the investigative journalist Bob WoodwardRecordings of his multiple interviews with the former president, which appear in Woodward’s upcoming audiobook, “belong to” Trump.

“We’ve already hired lawyers to sue him,” Trump told the Fox News host. Brian Kilmed Friday on his radio show. “Bob Woodward is a very sleazy man,” he added of the famous Watergate journalist.

Woodward’s audiobook, “The Trump Tapes: Twenty Bob Woodward Interviews with President Trump,” is slated for release on Tuesday. It includes more than eight hours of the journalist’s 20 interviews with Trump over the years, interspersed with comments from Woodward.

Trump appeared to acknowledge that Woodward had prepared the tapes and recorded the interviews, but insisted that the rights to use the tapes belonged to him.

“In many ways, I love the tapes, and I insist on the tapes, but I also say the tapes are mine,” Trump told Kilmeade. “That means Woodward should get any deal he made, you know, we’d probably end up in litigation over it. Because we’ve given tapes for the written word, not tapes for sale, and that’s always been obvious.”

Trump insisted that he told Woodward “These tapes are for the written word, these tapes are yours [previous] A book, these are not for sale, these are tapes for your book, to help you. I like it because it’s more accurate.”

“So now he’s making an audiobook out of it, so we’re going to sue him,” Trump said.

Woodward could not be reached for comment.

Some of the information from Woodward’s book has already been reported in the media that obtained advance copies.

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In an interview in 2019, Trump admitted that messages from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un seized in August from his Mar-a-Lago compound were “top secret.” Washington Post mentioned. Yet Woodward had shown them. “Don’t say I gave them to you, okay?” Trump can be heard saying on the tape.

In another audio recording from a 2020 interview with Woodward, Trump said he would prefer it The world’s ‘most tough and miserable’ leaders.

CNN reported after receiving this: “I love Putin.” advance copy From the audiobook.

“Getting along with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing, okay? Especially because they have a ridiculous 1,332 nuclear warheads,” he told the journalist.

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