This Dog Hitchhiked 1500 kilometers to join his vacationing family

Maria Sergeeva
January 23, 2018

Packing for a trip? Make sure you don’t forget anything… Check visa and vaccination requirements, your ID, plane/train ticket, credit card and… your lovely pet. Otherwise, he might join you by himself, but by feet, can't you have a little mercy?

If being loyal is a trait that is frequently associated with dogs, Rusty, an Australian terrier,  is the exemplary faithful one. This intrepid dog, made his way across 1500 kilometers (932 miles) of Australia to join his family which left him home alone.

The three-year-old terrier, who belongs to the Scudamore family (Linda, Stuart, and their kids, Eliza and Sam , traveled all the way from Goondiwindi in Queensland to Snowtown in South Australia.

Left home alone, while the Scudamores were vacationing in Caloundra, in Queensland, some  2000 kilometers (1.2000 miles) away from him.

According to 7 News Adelaide, the little dog, snuck away and ran for the highway and than hitchhiked across the country by stowing away in the back of a truck on the highway. Some point along the trip the driver realized the pup was there, but he was in the middle of nowhere, so he took him home to Snowtown.

An appeal went out on social media seeking help from anyone passing through who could drop Rusty off.

The missing dog was wearing a tag with the in-laws’ number on which helped to identify his owners. The truckie’s wife called the Scudamores and calmed them down: their lovely pet was safe and sound.

While Rusty was still in Snowtown, waiting to head back to Queensland to his family, he ewas enjoying his own holidays and captured the heart of the nation.

“I get sent photos everyday of him being pampered ... he just loves being in the middle of all of the attention so this is just suiting him down to the ground,” said Laura Scudamore, while expecting the pet’s return.

The dog was showered with love as the truck driver’s family lost their other dog in an accident just days before Rusty's arrival, so said the Aussie terrier had helped cheer them up.

This isn’t the first time that the pup is overwhelmed by the separation with his human friends; according to the family, Rusty took another trek the last time they vacationed, but only made it about 230 kilometres away from home, so the family wasn’t surprised.

"Last time we went away he hitched a ride to Chinchilla. He’s really upped the ante this time making it all the way to South Australia," Linda Scudamore told Australian News.

The Scudamores have watched the movie Red Dog and the similarities between the star and Rusty aren’t lost on them.

“He won’t be watching it, he doesn’t need any encouraging,” Mrs Scudamore said.

All is well that ends well:  a pet transport company has offered to return Rusty to his owners. The pup is finally back home and even made a special celebrity appearance at school this morning.

Laura Scudamore said the family had struggled to understand why everyone was so interested in Rusty, but had come to understand people liked stories with a happy ending.

“People in Goondiwindi are happy to be in the news for a good reason. Rusty loves the attention and seems to be quite happy to pose for photos wherever he goes,” she said.

Rusty’s first night home on his cattle property consisted of cuddles from the Scudamore children, Eliza and Sam, and some tasty bones picked out by Eliza to welcome him home.

“We are very excited he is home, the kids are super excited.”

The Scudamores assure the next time they wouldn’t make the same mistake. This time they seriously consider  taking Rusty with them . Which was probably what he was hoping for this entire time. Being a dog is rough and he could use some time off.

Laura Scudamore had already started writing a book on Rusty last year. Her husband jokes, now she has lots more to add to it.

The new-born celebrity has already his Instagram profile.
If you want to keep abreast of Rusty’s adventures you can now follow him on Instagram or wait until the book about Rusty’s exploits is published.