The best resorts on the lakes
Photo: iStock/bluejayphotoHallstatt Lake, AustriaSurrounded by alpine peaks, the lake is one of the...
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The best resorts on the lakes

Dal Kikin
November 20, 2018

Photo: iStock/bluejayphoto

Hallstatt Lake, Austria

Surrounded by alpine peaks, the lake is one of the largest in central Austria. In 1997, together with the coastal town Hallstatt in UNESCO recognized the object of culture of world importance. Medieval Hallstatt is so beautiful that it was even recreated in 2012 in China, copying the houses and the church.

On the opposite shore of the lake at an altitude of 2100 m is the viewing platform "Five Fingers" - from there opens the best view of the Hallstatt and the lake. Another attraction in Hallstatt is the dive hunting for gold of the Third Reich, which, as is commonly believed, rests on the bottom of the lake.

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Go also to the 12th century St. Michael's Chapel: there are 1,200 skulls of local residents. Because the city is trapped between the lake and the mountains, the places in the cemetery are few — graves are opened several tens of years after the funeral, the bones are removed and placed in the vault at the chapel.

Ullswater Lake, UK

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England’s second largest lake lies in the Cumberland Mountains in the west of the island. Walking one spring along its shore, the romantic poet William Wordsworth saw blooming daffodils and, inspired, wrote his most famous poem. Today, people on Alswater come to sailing, riding horses in the area and playing golf.

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A 20 minute drive to the northeast of the lake is Daymain Park, one of the best in the UK. Its pearls are an estate of the XII century and a mansion with a Georgian stone facade of pink stone. The estate is already the fourth century owned by the Hassel-Makkos family. The current owners live here, but they willingly accept tourists and even make marmalade for themselves.

Garda Lake, Italy

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On the largest lake in Italy, surrounded by the Alps, orange and lemon gardens, thermal springs, Roman patricians went to rest. Later European beau monde did the same: in registration books

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Once on the lake, be sure to visit the castle of Scaligers of the XIII century - from its 47-meter tower offers the best view of the lake.

Balaton Lake, Hungary

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From the beginning of the 19th century, the light of Budapest came to the "fresh sea of ??Hungary", as Balaton was called, every summer: to be treated on hydrogen sulphide springs and demonstrate costumes at the lush balls arranged by the capital bourgeois. Today, dozens of sources continue to beat around Balaton, and in the main city of the “Hungarian Riviera”, Balatonfüred, they still give balls every year.

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If you are bored with water and dancing, go to the Benedictine abbey of St. Agnos on the Tihany peninsula: the local church is an example of baroque architecture.

It is worth exploring the fortress of Sümeg of the XIII century (it is located an hour west of the lake). The fortress entered the history of Hungary as the only one that neither the Mongols nor the Turks could take. Now on its territory works historical amusement park.

 Waterton Lake, Canada - USA

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The deepest lake in the Rocky Mountains (the lowest mark is 150 m) is partly located in the south of the Canadian province of Alberta, partly in the north of the US Montana state.

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Waterton is part of Waterton Lakes – Glacier Park, which is under the protection of UNESCO. This biosphere reserve is a real natural treasure: there are 130 lakes, 37 glaciers, 200 waterfalls on 4101 square kilometers of territory. The local places are preserved in almost the same form in which they were found by the first Europeans who arrived here. In the vicinity of Waterton Lake , grizzly bears live, and on the mountain slopes there are snow goats and long-haired rams.