Sweden’s golden egg sauna is coming to Paris

Maria Sergeeva
November 7, 2017

Called the Solar Egg, the eight-person, solar-powered sauna designed as a social sculpture in Kiruna, Sweden, moves to Paris from 15 November to 10 December to promote Swedish culture.

In May, after damage provoked by decades of iron ore mining causing the relocation of the entire town, Swedish developer offered a gift to its inhabitants: a golden "incubator that nurtures conversation and exchanges of ideas," for all to enjoy for free.

The interior of the egg is made out of wood, and the center of the egg is a heart-shaped stove made out of iron and stone.

Much more than a simple sauna, the egg is community meeting point, where residents can chat about town issues discuss changes and promote “thoughts of rebirth.”

The sauna, developed by art duo Bigert & Bergstrom, is now being transported to Paris and will be exposed in the Swedish Institute, to promote Swedish design, architecture, and fashion in France.  Now its Paris’ residents’ turn to discuss climate issues in this 4 x 5 meter sauna with stainless steel mirror sheeting with titanium gold color, symbolically reflecting the surrounding landscape and sky.

“We believe that Solar Egg can raise awareness of Sweden as a design nation,” Michael Persson Gripkow, chief brand and communications officer at Visit Sweden, told Lonely Planet.

“Solar Egg is a good platform for stories about Swedish design and architecture that can be experienced in Sweden, where our sauna tradition is one example of our lifestyle close to nature.”

The event website encourages guests to “put on your swimsuit and get warm next to a fire fed by a giant heart before cooling off outdoors in the garden.”

Diana Orving, a Swedish designer, has even created special kimonos for visitors, according to Lonely Planet.

After the Solar Egg exhibition in Paris the egg will return back home to Kiruna.

The Solar Egg was recently recognized with a Red Dot and German Design Award, and has been nominated in the London International Awards and the Swedish Design Prize.