Saint-Barth: the 10th anniversary Cata Cup is maintained

Maria Sergeeva
October 19, 2017

After the night of September 5 to 6 in 2017, when the island was hit  hard by Hurricane Irma , one of the most devastating storms of the century, no one could imagine the Saint-Barth Cata Cup would be held.

The Saint-Barth Cata Cup will celebrate its 10th anniversary on November 13-20, 2017. The decision to maintain the cup is challenging especially because of the decision to make this  10th edition truly great.

 However, the objective seems to provide added impetus to recover the island as soon as possible.

With the support of the sponsors and encouragement from the racers, the island even aims to begin welcoming cruise passengers as early as Oct. 30, the committee said.

All roads have been cleared, while the commercial port and airport are already back to operations.

Food shops are already open, while restaurants and bars are gradually reopening their doors

The restaurant owners and their teams have rolled up their sleeves: cleaning, rinsing, planting ... and are gradually reopening their doors.  Thirty restaurants will revive before Thanksgiving, according to a newly-released statement from the St Barth Tourism committee.

“The decision to hold this 10th anniversary edition of the Saint-Barth Cata Cup or not after the catastrophe that the island experienced was not a simple one to make,” explains island-born Jeff Ledée, creator of the regatta and a seasoned sailor.

“At first, we consulted with our sponsors, the Collectivity, the territorial tourism committee… it was primordial for us, the organizers, to have their support. Unanimously, they responded yes, they wished for the event to take place. From there, we had to make sure that we would be able to host the racers from around the world in the best possible conditions, and ensure the safety of the event.”

Jeff was touched by the encouraging response of the racers when they were consulted after the hurricane hit, for confirmation of their participation.

“Their response was very positive, as well as very supportive. A number of them even offered to come and give a hand in putting the island back on its feet, with or without the Saint-Barth Cata Cup. Everyone wanted to offer their help and we had no doubt that if the event could take place in very good conditions, it would bring a sense of joy and enthusiasm to the entire island!” added Jeff Ledée.

“This is certainly an ambitious project and we are all aware that while the regatta may not take place with all the usual comfort, it will really be ideal to motivate the troops. It’s not just by chance that all of the teams indicated their presence.” Related Franck Cammas, who was skipper of Groupama Team France during the most recent America’s Cup race.