Need more space? You can now rent an entire private island on Airbnb

Maria Sergeeva
October 17, 2017

If you are going for a trip in a big company, then you might want to consider getting something spacious. For example, an entire Caribbean private island.

If you are convinced that to stay alone on your own island you should be Steven Spielberg or John Lennon than you are wrong.

Go to Airbnb and you’re only one click from booking Bird Island, and it’s only $595 per night.  In change you get a master bedroom with a double bed and two separate cabanas, the boundless ocean and tons of sand. Transportation to and from Belize is included in the price. And don’t forget to bring drinks and food: this island really is at your total disposal with no shops or staff on it.

"The central theme of Bird Island is a self-catering, Robinson Crusoe type of adventure, yet with all the comforts, where one could get to do their own thing in total privacy," the owner, Fred, explains on Airbnb.

However, unlike Robinson Crusoe, you will have Wi-Fi crucial to post hundreds of photos with hashtag #privateislandlife.

Robinson would also envy your  fridge and bathroom, solar and wind-powered energy and even a TV-set.

Guests can enjoy the sun  in one of the island's hammocks.

Outdoor activities on the island include kayaking, swimming and snorkeling. All equipment is provided by the island’s owner.

To cap it all the island's owner promises: there are no mosquitoes on the island.