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Green cruises are just around the corner

Dal Kikin
December 18, 2018

The trend for sustainable development reached the cruise operators: the Norwegian company Hurtigruten, whose fleet has 17 vessels, is not only the largest, but also the “greenest” operator in the world of expedition cruises. It is not the first year that the company has operated vessels with hybrid engines, and now it is going to go even further. In 2019, the bunkering of cruise ships with liquefied biogas will be introduced in Hurtigruten, the raw material for which will be waste from the fish processing industry and other organic garbage.

Renewable biogas is a clean energy carrier that is considered the most environmentally friendly of all types of fuel used today. It has already received widespread use in the transport sector - mainly as a bus fuel. Norway has every chance of becoming a world leader in biogas production, since a developed sector of the fish processing and woodworking industry can provide large amounts of organic waste.

While competitors will use cheap, but not environmentally friendly fuel, Hurtigruten’s vessels will be driven by nature itself, which will make a huge contribution to its preservation. The company's management hopes that other cruise operators of the world will follow this example.

More recently, as part of celebrating its 125th anniversary, Hurtigruten announced the company's plans to completely abandon the use of disposable plastic. In 2019, the company plans to continue working in the “green” direction: the world's first hybrid cruise ship Roald Amundsen, commissioned for green navigation in the waters of Antarctica, will be commissioned and will launch a large-scale renovation project for several ships. diesel engines for hybrid, running on batteries and gas fuel.

The company will allocate more than $ 850 million for these purposes. Its goal is to become a zero-emission cruise ship operator.

Photos: Hurtigruten