Emirates tests new check-in home service

Maria Sergeeva
November 8, 2017

You can travel light now! The airline has finally proposed the way to eliminate one of the most annoying parts of each flight, carrying heavy luggage from home to airport and making a queue with it.

The airline is trialing a home check-in service which proposes to pick up passengers’ bags from their front door.

It is not yet known whether the program will be offered to all customers, but it would be logical to assume, that the option could be either available only to business class passengers or just an extra paid service. Even if it was a paid service, it is one those promising to completely change your airport experience. Only imagine: you could check-in your bag and offer you an extra walk, excursion or meeting, especially if you are in a new city and didn’t have much time to discover it.

A new video posted on YouTube gives an idea of the way the service will be implemented.

As the video shows, an Emirates employee drives to passenger’s house ahead of his flight.

He takes his luggage using an electronic check in desk in the back of the car, scans the passenger’s passport and prints his baggage receipt.

Finally, the luggage is tagged and the traveler receives his boarding pass. The customer has nothing more than to come to the airport at time, pass the custom control, board and  pick it up the luggage from the carousel at his final destination.

No more queues, just as if passengers only had a hand luggage.

An Emirates spokesperson told Gulf News: “At Emirates, we continually invest in innovative ways to improve the customer experience.

“At the moment we are trialing several initiatives to provide greater convenience for our customers and will share details when they become available.”