“This is the first case at a European airport”

According to several international media, an accident involving a nuclear bomb occurred at a military base located between Eindhoven and Nijmegen in the Netherlands.

A photograph taken last year was released on any occasion, where we see the B61 bomb. Hans Christensen, the author of the report, points out that there is no official confirmation whether the photo was taken in Volkel or whether the bomb damage was the result of an accident. “But if the film is indeed from an incident involving nuclear weapons, it is the first case documented at an air base in Europe.”

No report

The Netherlands has had a nuclear role in NATO for decades, and Voelkel Air Base has been known to store nuclear weapons for years, but the information has not been officially released.


However, two years ago, NATO tacitly acknowledged the existence of these weapons. It was reported in the media that Jens Stoltenberg was on “nuclear weapons training” at Voelkel Air Base.

A defense spokesman said he could not comment on a possible incident at this time: “It depends on the US. The Netherlands is bound by agreements within NATO not to make any announcements about nuclear weapons and where they are stored.

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